How to Protect Your Roof From Storm Damage

Most people take the roof on their home for granted. It’s always there, protecting us from rain, snow, and whatever else Mother Nature wants to throw at us. It’s easy to forget it exists until there is a problem.

A roof is not meant to last forever. The lifespan will vary based on the materials used to cover it. If you have a tile, copper, or slate roof, you may be set for 50 years. Some people prefer a metal roof because this material can last between 40 and 70 years. Wood shake shingles last for around 30 years while asphalt shingles usually have a life expectancy of about 20 years.

Eventually, you will likely need to repair or replace a roof. Frequent storms and other weather conditions can cause damage that could further shorten the lifespan, especially if it is ignored. The key is knowing how to protect your roof from these conditions and acting quickly when a problem arises.

On average, the state of Iowa sees nearly 50 tornadoes, multiple flash floods, and hundreds of severe thunderstorms annually. Homeowners in the area need to take care of their roofs.

What can you do to protect your roof from Iowa’s bad weather this year?

  • Trim Nearby Trees Regularly and Remove Problem Branches

Large bushes and trees can cause serious damage to a roof in a storm. Strong winds and heavy rainfall can break large portions off. These can fall or be pushed by the wind and end up slamming into your home.

Falling trees and branches are a normal part of nature. You can’t completely stop it, but you can limit the amount of damage your home suffers from it. The best way to do so is to trim back branches and bushes and remove any trees that are dying, dead, or otherwise ready to come down.

If they aren’t close to your home, they will be less likely to hit your roof during a storm. Storm damage can also cause trees to fall after the weather has passed. Regularly inspect the trees around your property to look for signs of damage.

  • Unblock Gutters and Make Sure Water Drains Away from Your Home

Gutters are your home’s way of managing water that falls on or around it. Storms can cause water to accumulate quickly and in high quantities. If this water has nowhere to go, it could pool on or around your home, causing structural damage and erosion.

When properly installed, gutters guide water off your roof and away from your home where it won’t do any damage. Make sure these pathways stay clear and usable.

Most homeowners should have their gutters cleaned twice per year. The frequency will also vary based on how much and what type of foliage grows around your home. Clean gutters can help you avoid having to file a roof damage insurance claim.

  • Repair Loose Shingles and Siding As Soon As Possible

If you notice a loose shingle or piece of siding, repair it as soon as possible. This may be a one-off problem, but it will become much bigger if you don’t fix it.

One missing piece of siding or shingle on your home will allow moisture to reach unprotected areas, including wood that will begin to rot. These weak spots will make it easier for more shingles or siding to fall off on windy days or during storms.

Think of shingles and siding as a protective barrier for your home. The barrier must be solid to prevent moisture from getting inside.

  • Have a Roofing Contractor Inspect Your Home for Weak Points

Even if you aren’t having a problem right now, it never hurts to have a roofing contractor inspect your home. This is especially important if you haven’t had anyone look at your roof in a long time.

A professional can check vital areas and identify signs of weaknesses. They can address problems before they become much bigger, more expensive issues.

EA Homes roofing company is available to inspect your roof in Iowa. Our experts know what to look for so we can help you keep your home in great condition for years.

  • Remove or Secure Outside Objects That Can Be Lifted By Wind

You may be surprised at what strong winds can lift during a storm. Some areas see post-storm photos that show small swimming pools or trampolines stuck on top of homes or along power lines.

These same objects could become airborne before falling onto your roof, causing damage. The best way to avoid this problem for you and your neighbors is to store these items indoors or secure them before the storm rolls in.

  • Have Your Roof Replaced When the Time Comes

Some situations may call for a roof repair. However, eventually, you will likely have to do a full replacement. If you notice chronic problems like leaks and gaps in your roof or if your roofing material has passed its life expectancy, it may be time to consider a replacement.

If ignored, more moisture will make its way into your home along with other problems like pests and outdoor debris. Ongoing wear can also weaken the structure and lead to a cave-in.

It is best to avoid these issues by having a roof replacement done when you need it. A roofing contractor can let you know if one is needed during an inspection.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Protect it with regular maintenance and repair as needed.

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