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Take a drive up any residential street and you will likely see lots of examples of vinyl siding. This material is eye-catching and comes in a rainbow of colors. It’s also durable and practical. The surface is fade-resistant and works well in almost any climate and weather conditions.

EA Homes offers professional vinyl siding services to protect your home.

Vinyl Siding Installation

A vinyl siding installation can make all the difference inside and outside of your home. Homebuyers and sellers love its curb appeal. It’s also a functional material that keeps the elements out.

When correctly installed, vinyl siding will last for years. EA Homes offers professional siding installation that will get you the best results possible. Enjoy the look and feel of your home even more with new vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding Repair

Our vinyl siding repair service will keep your home cozy and beautiful. Our expert team will assess the damage and create a personalized quote that outlines all steps that need to be taken. We use quality materials and reliable craftsmanship that comes from years of experience.

We can restore your home’s exterior and shield it from future damage with our professional vinyl siding repair service. Our team can handle all types of siding, including:

Cedar Siding

Restore the timeless beauty of wood with cedar siding installation and repair. Cedar is naturally insulating, sustainable, and lasts a long time. When properly installed, cedar siding can transform your home.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is versatile. It comes in multiple styles and can emulate wood. The material is heat and fire-resistant and won’t rot or warp. EA Homes can recommend the best fiber cement siding for your needs and provide professional installation services that give your home long-lasting protection.

Stone Veneer Siding

When you love the look of natural stone but not the cost, stone veneer siding is the next best thing. This material looks just like stone but costs less. Stone veneer siding is easy to maintain and lasts for years when properly installed.

Aluminum Siding

When you want siding that your home or business can count on, aluminum is an ideal choice. This material offers excellent longevity and durability. It is pest and rot-resistant and can stand up to almost any weather conditions. It’s also considered a green building material because it is recyclable.

Wood Composite Siding

Wood composite siding is crafted using a blend of wood and resin. It is insect and fungi-resistant and looks beautiful. When installed properly, your wood composite siding can last for a long time. EA Homes offers professional wood composite siding installation and repair.

Why Do Iowa Homeowners Trust EA Homes Siding Service?

The experts at EA Homes are committed to client satisfaction. We take every job seriously. Our professionals have years of experience, giving them the skills and knowledge needed to do your job quickly and to the highest standards.

Our team has a deep understanding of the benefits of each building material and how to best apply them so that you get the most value out of your siding investment.

Siding FAQ

While no building material is 100% undamageable, siding does a good job of withstanding the elements. The modern version doesn’t have the same issues that siding from decades ago had, like fading and buckling. If your home is older and hasn’t been updated, now is a good time to replace the siding.

Siding adds to home insulation, meaning it will improve your home’s energy efficiency. The easier it is to maintain temperature, the less energy your home will consume to stay warm or cool. New Siding can stop drafts and help your family stay comfortable at a lower cost.

Siding serves as a barrier between you and the outside world. It can help reduce noise pollution entering your home. The amount of protection will vary depending on the material you choose. Some siding can reduce noise by as much as 45%.

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